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Choosing a Driving Instructor, whether it´s for yourself or your child when they reach 17, can be confusing. You will no doubt ask yourself several questions before making a decision:

What´s available out there?

How long will the process take and what will it cost?

Important considerations, I know, but hopefully the main consideration will focus on the trainees Safety.

How do you know if you can trust and rely on whoever you choose, to put the emphasis on ensuring the pupils ability to drive safely, now and in the future?

I set myself two objectives when beginning to teach and train someone to drive:

To teach the individual to drive safely for life and to assist them through their driving test

Objective Number 1 is the most important and I´m sure all parents will want to be assured that that "Safe Driving for Life" remains the main focus.

Learning to drive is a serious business, but I will make every attempt to make it an enjoyable experience. There is nothing worse than NOT looking forward to a driving lesson! It´s a well known fact that you´ll learn quicker if you enjoy what you´re learning.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you gain that "Skill for Life"


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